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Lotion, large (8 oz)

Lotion, large (8 oz)

A superb moisturizer for the face, body and hands that will protect your skin all day and revitalize it at night. This lotion gently exfoliates and leaves your dry skin feeling touchable soft and healthy.

This lotion is outstanding because of its three very costly, highly efficient main ingredients: Emu Oil, Mink Oil, and Jojoba Oil. Due to the expense, these three are not usually all found in one lotion.

EMU OIL: Contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential to a healthy skin, acting as an excellent emollient and skin moisturizer. It is recommended as an anti-inflammatory to help arthritis, muscle, and joint aches. At the same time, it also soothes skin irritations such as insect bites, burns, dry skin, and psoriasis.

MINK OIL: Used as a moisturizer and to lubricate the skin. It is commonly used in many medical and cosmetic products. It absorbs quickly, softening and protecting without leaving a greasy film, allowing the skin to breathe without ever clogging pores.

JOBOBA OIL: Works well with the skin, forming a nongreasy light film that holds moisture in and helps control the skin’s moisture balance. It is naturally rich in Vitamin E and many proteins and minerals.

GOATS MILK: The other major great ingredient in our fabulous lotion is whole goats milk. Providing calcium to aid in making your skin smoother & healthier, it has a PH very close to that of your natural skin. Goats milk also contains several vitamins, including Vitamin A.

The other necessary ingredients are:

  • Palm Stearic Acid — used as a thickener
  • E-Wax — an emulsifier
  • Glycerin — helps keep moisture in your skin
  • Fractional Coconut Oil — absorbs quickly without a greasy feeling
  • Potassium hydroxide — used for banding the ingredients together
  • Water — a thinner
  • Opliphen — a preservative

No fragrance has been added — just the natural scent of very light almond.

This lotion is everything you ever wanted for your skin and all you will ever need.

$8.50 for 1

Lotion, small (2 oz)

Lotion, small (2 oz)

Our same premium lotion, but in a convenient travel size.

$2.50 for 1

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