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Zoila Rauda

Hello I am Zoila Rauda, and I am a cheese maker at Celebrity Dairy. I grew up in a once small farm town in Canton, Georgia admiring the beautiful black and white cows on my way to school and wishing to one day have one of my own. I think this is where my desire for a farm life first began but didn’t develop until later.
Zoila Rauda

Zoila Rauda

In high school I became interested in bettering the environment and becoming aware of the impact we have on our planet. My passion for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle started a couple years ago when I was still trying to figure which path to take in school.
After living on a farm in Northern California, where we practiced growing our own food and living off the land, I discovered my calling. When I moved back to Georgia after the season was over, I began my search for a school who taught sustainability and organic practices.
I found out about the Sustainable Agriculture program at CCCC and decided to pack my bags and move to Moncure, NC.
Around the end of my first semester, my neighbors who sell their vegetables at the Midtown Raleigh Farmers Market along with Brit and Flemings son, John, mentioned to me that there was an open position in the cheese room at Celebrity Dairy.  I had mentioned to them I was interested in a job on a farm. After a short hiring process I was hired.
As I am about to reach a full year at the dairy I could not be happier. Along with the work in the cheese room I sell our cheese, fudge, and gelato, yogurt, and soap at the Durham Farmers Market and the Pittsboro Market, where I get to see the kind customers I have met and fellow vendors who have become lovely friends.
I am grateful for the opportunity Brit and Fleming gave me and their support and encouragement they give me as a student.

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